Our team of experienced drilling veterans specialise in a range of drilling services Catering to water mains, storm water drilling and cabling for power and telecommunications.


  • Horizontal drilling
  • Directional drilling
  • Landslip correction
  • Micro tunnelling for sewer lines.
  • Vacuum truck for vacuum loading slurry and water.
  • Hydrovac truck for no damage excavation and location of services etc.


  • Two x Astec 4045 directional drill, 40,000lbs thrust/pullback up to 1 metre diameter out to 350 metres length.
  • Two x Astec 2024 directional drill, 20,000 thrust/pullback up to 500mm diameter out to 150 metres length.
  • Two x horizontal pit drills capable of drilling holes from 50mm to 1 metre diameter up to 60 metres length.
  • Vacuum truck, wet ring. 3000litres capacity.
  • Hydrovac truck 3000 litres capacity.
  • Crane truck capable of lifting 1 tonne at 7 metres reach.
  • Izuzu giga 8 wheeler transporter 12 tonne payload.
  • Water supply trucks for drills and various mud mixing equipment.